Augmented Reality

The Future Of Mobile Marketing

Augmented Reality (AR) will transmute the world

Augmented Reality (AR) technology is perpetually ameliorating with incipient tracking techniques, enriched software and a rapid magnification in more expeditious smartphones and tablets making it one of the most visually examined disruptive technologies.

Augmented Reality (AR), in literality, is the bridge point between print and ink and digital and cerebrate – between the digital and print worlds. It is additionally a potential incipient world of alternative and personalised geo locational advertising.

Augmented Reality (AR) will transmute the world. Not just with augmented reality in advertising but utilizing augmented reality in design and in the way we interact with our homes, our cities, our friends. Integrating graphic information to integrate value to things we buy and things we like. You will be astounded at what Augmented Reality (AR) can do.

Augmented Reality’s importance in mobile marketing: Augmented Reality (AR) combines parts of itself because it has become the most important elements of mobile marketing.

Even with AR purchasing decision can be given.

While service or product presentations in the area of mobile marketing basically occurs by a one-way communication and information flow, Augmented Reality (AR) technology with an interactive customer experience can be achieved. Also as a result of this experience, it may be possible affecting customers to provide decisioning of mobile purchase.

Different applications can be done to the same image every day, every week.

Newspaper and magazine covers, news, images, advertisements, product packaging boxes and posters as well as print media in the selected target image on the associated Augmented Reality (AR) applications work and accessible for selected target image where it is displayed during the campaign. Thus the campaign content can be updated and changed. For example, a brand’s Augmented Reality (AR) campaign on billboard advertising different advertising film banners can be used every day, or every week. On the other hand the visual presentation of news or in newspapers and magazines, photos or ads can be revived with Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

The possibilities and opportunities of this technological assets, the mobile user behavior experimentation are very important because making the “Reality” augmented as per virtual reality which in mobile life. Nowadays, wearable product is entering into our lives. We will turn into members who live the life as augmented when a product like Google Glass is combined with Augmented Reality (AR).