360° Video Stitching Service

Klickar stitching service offer a full post production service taking your project through every step. After you’ve shot your 360° VR video and if it needs stitching and correcting some details such as removing the tripod trace and rendering, you can outsource Video stitching work to us.

360° Video Stitching Service2

As experts in 360 VR Video stitching, we have the tools and the know how to streamline your production. Our production workflow is below:

  1. Cam sync / stitch / colour matching
  2. Control point editing
  3. Overlap masking
  4. Blend pass rendering
  5. Blend pass masking
  6. Colour grading
  7. Nadir removal
  8. Nadir logo application (optional)
  9. Motion graphics (optional)
  10. Final render & delivery