Google Cardboard Production & Supply

Klickar Cardboard V2.0 is the easiest way to use & deliver your 360 content for Virtual Reality experiences. We provide an affordable way to use VR for your projects or business.


Klickar AR&VR focused digital agency and a producer and distributor for Cardboard V2.0 Kits in the Google Cardboard Project. We make and sell custom branded Cardboard V2.0. We are working as developer, researcher and producer not only on cardboards themselves, but also on AR&VR apps and other web&mobile platforms.

Our kits are produced in Istanbul. Create your own custom design with the help of us or contact us.

Our produced cardboards and their packaging are;

  • Can be customized to go with your brand.
  • Produced high quality cardboard; the surface and print is laminated as well.
  • Having a special moisture absorbing strip around the forehead.
  • Having a new and original practical action button

Google_Cardboard_Vr_Glasses_Custom_LogoWe can supply custom branded Google Cardboard VR headsets, the perfect PR tool for increasing your locations exposure whilst giving your clients or customers something that can be used over and over again. Ask us about this service when enquiring about your project to find out more.

Surprise your clients and delight them with your own professionally designed Klickar Cardboard V2.0 and custom apps.